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We’ve Moved!

Our new address is:

Steve Keller and Associates, Inc.

655 Tree Side Lane

Ponte Vedra, Florida 32081

Phone: 386-235-7500

More Breaking News

We are pleased to announce that Steve Keller served as an advisor to the producers of a four part documentary for Netflix that explores the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft that occurred in 1990. That theft remains the largest art theft in history with a loss of about a half billion dollars. Steve appears in episode 2. The program is now streaming on Netflix under the Documentary section. It is called “This is a Robbery”.

Steve Keller and Associates, Inc.


Architect’s Security Group, Inc.

We are sorry to report that Stephen Swen, one of our partners, has decided to retire from the company after many years of service. His projects will be handled by Steve Keller or partner Alicia Ricci. We wish him well in his retirement.

With Steve Swen’s retirement, we decided to move the office from Ormond Beach to Ponte Vedra, Florida, where Steve Keller lives. Nocatee is located south of Jacksonville (just outside its beltway, to be exact), and just across the intercoastal from Ponte Vedra. If you follow golf, you know Ponte Vedra as the home of the Players Golf Championship at the Sawgrass County Club. Our new address is elsewhere on the page. Our phone numbers and email addresses have not changed. You may begin using our new address immediately.

Celebrating 35 Successful Years

We are celebrating 35 successful years in business and we have produced a three and a half minute video that features a list of some of the interesting things we have provided protection for. Check it out at

Filming of Steve’s segments for the program occurred in June 2019. Keller was the security consultant for the museum and pointed out vulnerabilities in his survey before the theft occurred. But before the museum could make corrections, the theft occurred, exploiting the vulnerabilities Steve had pointed out in his survey.

After the theft and at the request of the museum and authorities, he made public statements about the theft that were intended for the ears of the robbers. He was interviewed by the FBI and offered his advice on the theft and immediately following the theft he tested the alarm system to see if it was possible to defeat its detectors.  Steve Keller and Associates, Inc. has done several projects for the Gardner Museum since the theft including the new addition by architect Renzo Piano.

The program is now streaming on Netflix. Keller can also be heard on a podcast produced by WBUR and the Boston Globe on the historic heist and has been interviewed for several books on the subject. Steve Keller has been involved with and played an active role in investigating the three largest art thefts in U.S. history.

In July of 2022 Steve completed filming of two episodes of a new TV series that will premier on History Channel next season called “History’s Greatest Heists”. The show is hosted by Pierce Brosnan. Steve is serving as advisor to the producers and will appear in the segment on the Gardner Museum theft as well as the segment about the largest gem heist in U.S. history by “Murf the Surf” at the American Museum of Natural History in New York in 1964.

Steve was quoted in the New York “Times” twice in the same week in June. He was asked for comments regarding museum security incidents in the U.S. and in Paris.