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Architect’s Security Group, Inc. is now Steve Keller and Associates, Inc.  The company announced the name change on January 20. Steve Keller, President and Managing Partner, said that Florida now has a law that prohibits the use of the word “architect” in any company name that is not actively engaged in the practiced of architecture. Keller said that to be in compliance with the law, the company will use the Steve Keller and Associates brand. The company has established a division that will work exclusively in cultural property projects. It will be called “The Museum Security Group”.

If you are looking for Architect’s Security Group, Inc., you have come to the right place. Welcome!

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Coming in 2021 on Netflix!  We are pleased to announce that Steve Keller will serve as an advisor to the producers of a four part documentary for Netflix that will explore the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft that occurred in 1990. That theft remains the largest art theft in history with a loss of about a half billion dollars.

Filming of Steve’s segments for the program will begin in June 2019. Keller was the security consultant for the museum and pointed out vulnerabilities in his survey before the theft occurred. But before the museum could make corrections, the theft occurred, exploiting the vulnerabilities Steve had pointed out in his survey.

After the theft he made public statements about the theft that were intended for the ears of the robbers. He was interviewed by the FBI and offered his advice on the theft and immediately following the theft he tested the alarm system to see if it was possible to defeat its detectors.  Steve Keller and Associates, Inc. has done several projects for the Gardner Museum since the theft including the new addition by architect Renzo Piano.

Be sure to watch for this documentary when it is released. Keller can also be heard on a podcast produced by WBUR and the Boston Globe on the historic heist and has been interviewed for several books on the subject. Steve Keller has been involved with and played an active role in investigating the three largest art thefts in U.S. history.

Steve Keller and Associates, Inc.


Architect’s Security Group, Inc.

Several weeks ago, I sent an email to all of our current active clients warning of the impending pandemic and urging clients to take quick decisive action to plan on how to protect the museum when closed to the public for an extended period of time. One client called to tell me that he agrees with me and thanked me for the heads up. Another called me to tell me I was crazy and that i was exaggerating. Within a week many called me to say that they thought I was an oracle with a crystal ball and told me that they were now facing closings. Early this week virtually every museum in northern hemisphere closed to the public.

Steve Keller and Associates, Inc. has closed our office in Ormond Beach and we are now working from home. We are arranging to continue work on those few projects still progressing by substituting video conferences for site visits and by hiring local engineers or architects in each market who can represent us for routine matters like construction progress inspections and acceptance testing. Be assured that we will be side by side with the contracted architect or engineer via Facetime and Skype. Our phone number is unchanged and calls roll over to our mobile numbers. Continue to mail items to our regular physical address and email addresses.

We aren’t certain what our company will look like when we finally come out of the other side of this storm in 18 months but we will do our best to be here for you. Here in Florida, our beaches and bars are full of Spring Breakers and our Governor refuses to send them home. What we have is a half a**ed response. I hope that you learn from the failure of many of our politicians to take this seriously and never try to address this with a half a**ed solution. Too little, too late.

To all of our colleagues in museum security and to our over 950 cultural property clients we have served in the past 35 years, we wish you the best and pray that we see you again, healthy, when this storm passes.