What We Can Do For You

We provide security consulting and design services to many types of clientele including architects and engineers who lack our specific expertise when competing for projects. And of course, we work directly for clients like museums, libraries and cultural centers on many projects.  Architects, add us to your team and use our considerable experience to bolster your resume when you are on a shortlist competing for a project. While we service almost all environments, our experience in cultural property environments is second to none.

Just so there is no confusion, we don’t practice architecture. We will never compete with our architect clients. We are here to do the security system design portion of your complex project and we leave the architecture to you or your architect. And on about 50% of our projects, we work directly for the museum, library, cultural property or private art collector providing traditional security consulting services.

In a typical project, we meet with the client to determine their needs, then we develop a scope of work with the client’s input. We almost always offer a fixed fee for a defined scope of work plus actual expenses. You will not pay more or less than this agreed upon amount unless you change the scope of work. For security surveys and risk assessments, we may recommend additional work based on our findings and that work would be extra. All of our clients are invited to call us for a year following a site visit for free phone consultation as you interpret and implement our recommendation.  Our objective is to make you independent, not dependent on us.

For architectural clients, we also offer a fixed fee for a defined scope of work plus actual expenses. Additional site visits and additional revisions drive our fee so clients are advised to plan our participation at site meetings thoughtfully. It is actually less expensive to engage us at the earliest start of a project. Catching up adds time to our proposal.

This web site has pages devoted to cultural property clients, non-cultural property clients and to architects who need our services. Architects needing material from us for their short list presentation or so they can add us to their team can find material in the section devoted to our “architectural support services”.

Associate Firms

When we work in the cultural property environment we rarely use an associate firm except where we need the services of a capable fire protection engineer. We have dominated the specialty for so many years and our experience is so diverse in this field, we don’t usually need the advice of a specialist.

There are some firms who never use the services of an associate because they think they are qualified to work in any environment by themselves. This is simply unwise. There is more to what we do than meets the eye. Clients expect that their security consultant know as much about their business as they do. They expect that the consultant will understand how their type of business functions, what risks they take and what other similar companies and institutions do to neutralize risks. No security consulting firm can know it all in every environment. Then there are the consultants who have expertise in the specialized environment but lack the other skills and knowledge to handle a project even in their home environment. Generally this involves a lack of technical systems expertise or expertise working with the architectural design process or the preparation of bid documents.

A good security consulting firm will not get involved in highly specialized fields for which they are not qualified and will always use an Associate Consultant with real expertise in a specialized field where they and the Associate can bring the necessary combined skills to do the job properly. While we pursue projects with vigor, we are not “hungry”  and thus not willing to take projects for which we are not qualified and have no trusted associate to collaborate with us on the highly specialized projects. Sometimes we use an Associate to represent us regionally on projects where there are numerous meetings or site visits required as this reduces the fee and expenses to our clients. The result is that the client pays no more than they would if they hired a less qualified team, often less, but they get the benefit of a wider range of skills and knowledge than they otherwise might. We never simply sub-contract a project to the Associate as many other firms do.  When you hire us, we remain the lead security consultants on the project and are actively involved throughout. We have management consulting, training, technical system consulting, security engineering, historic preservation, construction management, disaster planning, AutoCAD, REVIT BIM, and similar expertise in house.