We offer high quality, armed, former law enforcement officers as security escorts for your art shipments.

We have developed a training program to train a special force of these professionals to escort fine arts in transit. Each project is supervised by someone from our company, generally Steve Keller. Steve is a veteran of dozens of high profile escort projects.

We provide a training document to the truck drivers prior to arrival at the shipping site and an on-site briefing just prior to departure that covers emergency instructions.  We review a checklist prior to departure that helps to assure that your shipper has arrived sober and in a well maintained vehicle.

On one recent project, we arranged for the trucks, rented the three escort vehicles, provided the radios, established the itinerary, trained everyone involved, and provided retired, armed FBI agents as escorts. In another, we arranged for five SUVs, provided radios and phones, trained truckers, and provided fifteen retired FBI agents for an escort project involving five truckloads of art form NYC to Florida.

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