Putting Us On Your Team

Note that we will be reverting back to our original company name during 2019, finishing up a few projects that we started under the old name and beginning all new jobs under the Steve Keller and Associates, Inc. name.  Remember that if you are working on a cultural property project, your client may know us under our former name Architect’s Security Group or our current name Steve Keller and Associates, Inc. You may need to explain to them who we are if they are not aware of this name change. Most museums know Steve Keller by reputation.

Download what you need for your design team presentation package and reformat as desired. Or, call us sufficiently in advance and we will help by compiling the information for you.  AIA 254 and 255 forms and SF 330 forms are available upon request but we may need a few days to format them to your requirements and include projects similar to the one you are pursuing so keep that in mind. We need at least 48 hours notice to update our forms for your specific project.

Selecting Your Architectural Design Team

NoteIf you need to reach us regarding a last minute short list presentation, CALL US, don’t email. If we are hard to reach, this is an unusual situation. We check in for phone messages but when we travel we can’t always get emails in real time. Leave an after hour phone number if your needs are pressing. If you are under a tight schedule and have not reached someone here, call Steve Keller’s mobile number at 386 235-7500.

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