Press Support
Press Policy

We would be pleased to provide support and assistance to members of the press and authors but there is a limit to what we can do. Here is a list of things that we cannot do:
 We cannot discuss the level of security or lack thereof at any museum.
We cannot discuss any specific theft from a perspective of critically analyzing deficiencies that contributed to that theft.
We cannot tell you how to break in to a museum. Yes! We are asked this question by novelists and screenwriters about six times per year on average.
We cannot discuss law enforcement methods not commonly known.

We are often asked about general information for background and we will assess each question on a question by question basis. We understand your needs and will try to provide an answer that won’t result in increased vulnerability to the museum community.

Please call our office at 386 673-5034. If you are unable to reach anyone at this number and are on deadline, please call Steve Keller’s mobile number between 9 am and 11 pm EST at (386) 235-7500 seven days. Try the office first, please.

Below are links to resources that you may find useful. Feel free to call Steve Keller for specific information.

Museum Security 101 For The Working Press

Understanding The Elements of Good Museum Security