About Steve Keller and Associates, Inc.
dba/ The Museum Security Group

Steve Keller and Associates, Inc. is the leading security consulting and system design firm in the U.S. working almost exclusively on projects involving museums and other cultural properties. Located in Ormond Beach, Florida, we serve a worldwide clientele and have over 950 past cultural property clients.  Our work is about evenly divided between working directly for the cultural property and working for architects on museum, library and cultural property projects including new construction, historic restorations, and renovations.

Current and past clients include the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the Smithsonian Institution, the American Museum of Natural History, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Institute of Chicago, Harvard University Art Museums, Harvard University Library System, The Library of Congress, and dozens of other museums, libraries, galleries, concert halls, and cultural centers. We also work extensively for libraries, archives, and historic sites. Our non-U.S. clients include the National Gallery of Canada, the National Gallery of London, Villa I Tatti in Florence, Italy, and museums in France, Japan and elsewhere. A nearly complete list of past clients can be found elsewhere on this site.

In 2009 the company became a fully employee owned enterprise. Long time staff members Alicia Ricci and Stephen Swen joined Steve Keller as partners. As part of that process, the decision was made to re-name the company Architect’s Security Group, Inc. but to continue to also do business under the Steve Keller and Associates name because of the worldwide name recognition and reputation of the company. When Florida passed a law restricting the use of the word “architect” in any company name not engaged in the practice of architecture, we dropped the Architect’s Security Group name and continued to operate as Steve Keller and Associates.  We have two divisions. “The Museum Security Group” works exclusively in cultural property projects and Steve Keller and Associates occasionally does other security consulting work in diverse fields. The company maintains professional liability insurance in the maximum amount available for security projects and is the only firm with this specialized insurance covering strategy of design for museum projects. Steve Keller was a Certified Protection Professional for over 32 years.

Prior to 2009, the company engaged only in projects involving cultural institutions. Much of this work was for architects including some of the most prominent in the world. Over the past 30+ years the firm became recognized by architects as a security system design firm that understands the design and construction process and one that can meet the unique needs of architects on complex projects of all types. We were among the first firms in our specialty to work in REVIT BIM, the latest in collaborative 3D software and unlike many competitors, we have “real” professional liability insurance. During 2009, the firm developed a separate team to work for architects on projects involving a variety of institutional and commercial building projects including “green” buildings while the original team, “The Museum Security Group”, continues to serve the needs of cultural institutions.

As independent, non-product affiliated consultants, we are not affiliated with any alarm system, security staff provider, security hardware or equipment manufacturer or dealer. We have nothing to sell but our expertise.

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